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10 oz. Year of the Pig 2019 Lunar Australia silver coin!

10 oz. Year of the Pig 2019 Lunar Australia silver coin!

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10 oz. Year of the Pig 2019 Lunar Australia silver coin!
Nominal: 10 Dollars.
Coins quality: BU (Briliant Uncirculated).
Metal: SILVER.
Purity: .9999
Net weight: 10 oz. (311.035 g.).
Diameter: 85.60 mm.
Edge: 6.6 mm.
Mint: Perth Mint.
Country of origin: Australia.

Reverse: The reverse of the coin depicts the 2019 symbol - the Pig and the four piglets next to it. Reverse of the coin is stylized with a twig of wood. The Chinese symbol for the "Pig Year" is placed at the top of the coin. The bottom line of the coin is minted words in the English version "YEAR OF THE PIG". On the right side of the coin is minted letter "P" symbolizing the Australian Perth Mint coin mint.
Obverse: The reverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II, which is also the Monarch of Australia. The words "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA", at the bottom of the coin, at the top of the coin, "10 oz. 9999 Ag 2019 10 DOLLARS".

About the coin: The Mint of The Perth Mint, Australia, annually distributes the coin to the Chinese Lunar mark. This Chinese calendar has been mentioned since 2600. before our era and until now, remain convinced of the power that the animal makes after the birth of the personality.

Packing: Each coin is packed in a hard plastic capsule.

The Pig is the twelve mark of the Chinese Lunar calendar.
Pig Year: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031, 2043, 2055).
The pig year begins: in 2019 February 4 and Ends in 2020 February 4 d.

People born after this sign are kind, patience, endurance, and sometimes somewhat naive. This is the fairest sign of the Chinese moon calendar of all twelve. They are very nice personalities, self-sacrificing, avoiding conflicts, simple and always ready to help others. People born after the Pig Sign are generous, if another person needs material or some other help, people who are born this year will always help and share what they have, but expect the same from others. It is self-evident that they are using friends or acquaintances without even listening to them, because the property, as such they are insignificant, they are deeply convinced of the things they need most for those who need them most now. Therefore, we will most of all find these people helping other social workers who work and caring for the disadvantaged and the weak. People born in pigs will never give birth, you can trust them completely. These people are sometimes naive, enthusiastic and believe in everything they say, so it's easy to cheat them, but that's just because they tend to believe in good things rather than bad ones. People born in a pig year are failing, and the flaws of others are altruistic, sincere, and melted very rarely unless you want to protect yourself from something. You absolutely believe in your friends, having made friends with this sign, you will keep friends with him for a lifetime. The pigs born in the year are extremely optimistic, believing that man can achieve absolute happiness and perfection in this life.

*FLORINUS UAB & Co. Ltd. Lithuanian Assay Office has issued a license to engage in activities related to precious metals and precious stones (diamonds raw materials and investment gold). License No. D-14-547.

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