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About Florinus.lt

Florinus.lt Investment Gold-Silver-Currency! Florinus.lt is one of the largest Lithuanian companies that sells only certified precious metals (investment gold, silver, platinum) certified, collector and investment gold and silver coins as well as commemorative and UNC euro coins and has a high investment and enduring value. We authenticate coins, banknotes, paintings, and help sell our collectible and artistic assets. You'll also find top quality collections supplies from the world's leading manufacturers.

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About us

Motivated start, passion, creativity, constant desire to improve and attitude towards our clients have contributed to the rapid growth and success of our company. The company is good as well as its employees, and we believe we have brought together the best team that has come together to create lasting benefits for our clients through investment and financial services. The Florinus team creates a competitive, modern and advanced company that is constantly evolving and growing. Florinus.lt successfully implements its goals and strategy, and provides each client with professional services and the highest level of service.

Florinus.lt history

The name Florinus.lt is derived from the florins of pure gold coins minted by the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund Augustus, it was the first gold coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania! These coins are some of the most beautiful, ornate and valuable coins ever minted by the GDL. We believe that this store name reflects our high level of dedication and diligent responsible work for our customers.

The Florinus.lt logo stylishly depicts the Golden Goose from the well-known tale of the goose that makes golden eggs. The logo symbolizes investment in gold, collections and accumulated assets that provide financial security, stability and a long-term return on investment for the individual and his entire family. Metaphorically, we have to raise a goose, which is the most difficult task, as most of the time the goose is slaughtered before it can grow up and lay the "golden egg" - in other words, sometimes a financial return is desirable. Our main task is to help Florinus.lt clients grow their capital consciously and resist the temptation to release it too quickly when we have neither goose nor egg. This logo reflects the attitude of UAB Florinus and the Company's policy to provide our clients with the highest quality service and long-term financial return.

We are convinced that every work of art, from a coin, a photo, a postage stamp to a painting or sculpture, is a great work with its own, unique history. In these works of art, the sublime and romantic past is suspended. Through accidental artwork, or accidentally lost coins, today we can call it a priceless collection. It must be borne in mind that collecting cultivates human diligence, patience, attentiveness, memory training, horizon expansion, and the intuitive thinking necessary to enhance this hobby.

Collecting is a form of artistic expression, not only a simple hobby, but also a spiritual expression of passion and an indelible part of life. For this reason, we are well aware of all art lovers and collectors, and we are committed to meeting the expectations and fulfilling the wishes of each of our clients.


The goal is to provide the best investment services, guarantee the best prices on the market and become a leading investment firm.

The mission is to create long-term benefits for our clients by arranging investment and financial services.

The Vision is to become a leading, growing company providing investment and financial services across Europe with goals and strategies.

Values ​​- a constantly developing and growing team that ensures professional service and growth of the company.


Florinus.lt team