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About Florinus.lt

Florinus.lt | Investment gold & Collections! Engaged in trading of precious metals (investment gold, silver, platinum) certified, collectable and investment gold and silver coins, as well as euro coins, and all who have a large investment and long-term value. Set of coins, banknotes, paintings authenticity, and help sell the art and collectible values. Also we can find the highest quality and best-known manufacturers in the world of collections care supplies.

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The origin of the name

Florine name is taken from the Lithuanian Grand Duke Sigismund Augustus minted coins Florinus. This is one of the most beautiful, the smartest and the most valuable ever minted coins in the Grand Duchy. We believe that this name reflects the substantial and thorough in our commitment to their work and customers. Art collections - this is not just a simple hobby, this passion for spiritual expression and the deletion of a part of life. For this reason, we are well aware of art lovers and collectors professional, so we are determined to meet their customers' passion.


The logo is styled with Golden Goose from a well-known fairy tale about goose that makes golden eggs. The logo symbolizes investment in gold, collections and accumulated assets that ensure the financial security, stability and the long-term investment attractiveness of a person and his family. In terms of metaphorically, we have a geese grown up, which is the hardest task, because most of the time it's time to grow geese before it grows up and to help with the "golden eggs" - in other words, it's sometimes a desirable financial glory for an unreasonably short time. Our task is to help Florinus.lt to consciously raise capital and resist the temptation to spend too quickly on it, when we should not be gay or eggs. This logo reflects the approach taken by Florinas UAB & Co. Ltd. and the company's policy in which we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality services and to ensure long-term financial well-being.

We are confident that each production and work of art, starting from coin, picture or stamp to painting or sculpture are small monument, which has his own unique history. In this small works of art are suspended magnificent and romantic past time, which reflected in our individual collections from accidentally art works or lost coin.

Florinus.lt team.