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Investment gold bars and coins buying up

Florinus UAB & Co. Ltd. engaged in trade investment in precious metals and diamond raw material (license no.: D-14-547), sell as well as buy PAMP, Valcambi, Perth Mint Australia, Argor Heraeus investment gold, silver and platinum bars also various gold, silver, platinum and other coins.

Buying up Gold bars

Investment gold bars are buying up in all Florinus UAB & Co. Ltd. offices - in Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda. The buying up price is determined according to the date of the global gold stock price. Gold bars purchase prices you can see in Florinus.lt website to each individual producer concerned bar weight. Purchase gold bars and their packaging must be in perfect condition, completely intact in the orginal packaging. If you bought bar bent, scratched with a messy, damaged packaging or other irregularities, it can be not buying up or fixing the lower price than indicated Florinus.lt site. To sell gold bars please contact us in advance by phone +370 616 88225.

Buying up gold coins

To sell gold coins you are also can in all Florinus UAB & Co. Ltd. offices - in Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda. Coin purchase price determined on the basis of collector coins (numismatic value) and of the global gold stock price. Gold coins purchase prices, you can see each specific coins in Florinus.lt site. Bought gold coins must also be in good condition, free of scratches and the intact in the Factory packages or capsules (This criterion does not apply to be bought by historical gold coins, which can be seen and depreciation). Scratched, bent or otherwise damaged coins can be not buying up or respectively at lower their price.


Payment for purchase gold bars or gold coins can be in cash or by bank transfer to the client's bank account. Settlement usually occurs immediately on the same day or next day after coins quality and authenticity will be confirmed in Lithuanian Assay Office or other companies with which the Florinus UAB has gold production inspection contracts.

*FLORINUS UAB & Co. Ltd. Lithuanian Assay Office has issued a license to engage in activities related to precious metals and precious stones (diamonds raw materials and investment gold). License No. D-14-547.

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