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Warranties and Returns

Returning of the product

Florinus.lt takes back the products from the customers that are not happy with it. On the returning of the product it is neccessary to follow the law based by Florinus.lt and the republic of Lithuania:

1.       the returning product has to be in the original packaging (this article is not applicable if the product is returning due to the manufacturer’s fault);

2.       the product cannot be broken, scratched or damaged in any other way by the customer;

3.       the product cannot lose its commercial value (undamaged labels and safety pads, etc.) This article is not applicable if the product is returning due to the manufacturer’s fault.

4.       when returning the product it is neccessary to give the receipt, the warranty and the authenticity sertificate (if Florinus.lt has given one), also a filled out form of the returning product which will be provided by Florinus.lt administration.

6. Special orders are not accepted back. (A special order is when the customer requests exclusive quantities of goods and orders for specific goods that Florinus.lt does not have to sell).
7. Investment GOLD/SILVER products (Bars and coins) according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the EU are not returning products, we accept them back only according to the indicated purchase prices.

*All the expenses of the returning product (shipment and others, if appear) pays the client.

Determined by the LR law, Florinus.lt commits to repay the money in 14 days after our expert has evaluated the product’s state.

Warranties and Returns

Florinus.lt, manufacturers and LR law’s based warranties are applied to all of our production. The process of providing the warranty and the period of time of the warranty can be found on the product’s profile. A warranty is a free repair of the broken product or a full replacement of the product.

The warranty is not applicable if the product is broken on these occasions:

1.       due to incorrect exploitation or storage conditions (cleaning, scratchin, etc.);

2.       if the product has been tried to dissasemble or was damaged by any other way by the customer;

3.       for the electronical devices – if the spoilage appeared after the disturbance of the electricity grid, voltage fluctuation, overload, etc.

4.       if there is any outside liquids, dust, sand inside of the product;

5.       force majeure, when the product is broken due to unexpected circumstances – natural disasters (lightning, flood, earthquake, fire, etc.)

6.       when the product has been used not for its purposes.

*Warranty is valid from the day the product is bought.