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Silver bars!

Investment silver bars! Investment and collectible silver ingots very popular gift for a wedding, christening or a different occasion. These silver bars are quite massive, their weight starts at 1 ounce (31,10 g.), These silver bullion is very good looking and attractive. The PALS investment silver is shown in Fortune and collectible silver ingots are allowed according to the lunar calendar - Fig. 2016. Foxy is a monkey year, so this year the silver ingots shown in this particular animal. Also, these silver ingots are available with next year's moon symbols. To order silver ingots which we do not currently on sale, please contact us tel. no .: +370 616 88225 or e-mail. Email: info@florinus.lt.

*Investment silver bars prices in Florinus.lt website is tied to the global silver market prices and is automatically updated every minute.

*FLORINUS UAB & Co. Ltd. Lithuanian Assay Office has issued a license to engage in activities related to precious metals and precious stones (diamonds raw materials and investment gold). License No. D-14-547.

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