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Numismatics is more than a way of life - it is often life-extending activity. Each coin from the date of mintage, has a unique and distinct in its history. Coins - This is the money that has been replaced by hundreds or even thousands of hosts, before eventually coin have a nap in a museum or a private numismatics collection. Each coin - it's like a separate living historical monument, which survived until our days. Numismatics and antiques Florinus.lt website are inseparable, because We pay special attention to the coins as a special and unique pieces of art. We are well aware how hard and sometimes you have to wait a long time until, somewhere there numismatic coin collection sought. Therefore, we monitor and participate in international auctions and sales follow the coins and we are determined to help identify what types of coins.

People who are interested in numismatics but you can contact us by phone: +370 616 88225 or e-mail. Email: info@florinus.lt

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