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Magnifying glasses!

Magnifying glass! And a variety of optical instruments! These products are intended for numismatics, philatelics and other artistic and collectible values ​​exploration and maintenance. Optics and magnifying glasses are particularly important tool for a variety of the finest details, defects, font, photos or documents for research, identification and analysis. Various coins are sometimes illegible characters, marks, blemishes, etc. This requires magnifying glasses or other professional optics research. Florinus.lt offers the highest quality specially collectible values ​​investigate customized optics consisting of - various lenses, USB microscopes, magnifying glasses and other top-quality, best-known manufacturers to create optical devices.

If you can not find wanted products, or have a specific order, please contact us by phone: +370 616 88225 or e-mail. Email: info@florinus.lt, will find what you need and deliver the same in the near future.

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